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About US

Performance Trailers, founded in 1991 by Kevin Gerhardt, has established a reputation as a leader in the design and construction of custom trailers used to carry everything from racing cars to portable corporate displays. The company has designed trailers for such companies as Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Nissan, and Toyota, which use the trailers to transport multimillion-dollar concept cars to trade shows.

Like building a custom home to exacting specifications, Performance Trailers utilizes the services of plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, welders, machinist, and whatever tradesman necessary to create unique transporters that represent the name of the company or sponsor graphically depicted on the smooth-sided trailer.

The business stems from a company started by Gerhardt’s grandfather, Fred Gerhardt, who designed a liftgate system for loading coffins into trailers; this design has become the standard in the industry. A racecar driver saw the device and asked Fred Gerhardt to design one with a trailer so he could transport his race car. Since that time, some of the biggest names in racing, including Mears and Andretti, have used Performance Trailers for their trailer design.

Our Team

The company currently employs 26 craftsmen and has plans to add more when an additional 12,000 square feet are added to the existing 25,000 square foot production facility.

Jack Byron, Foreman – Oversees all shop production personnel.

Born in Redding California I am an avid outdoors-man and love all outdoor activities. My best leisure activity is riding my Harley through the mountain back roads. I started my work history in the construction field doing clean-up work for a custom home builder. I worked in that industry until serving four years in the Army receiving an honorable discharge. I switched to selling cars right after serving our military and spent the next 17 years working my way up through different management positions. During these years I would spend my free time doing remodel work and selling the homes when completed. I eventually went back into the construction field full time. I have performed almost every aspect of the industry. I am a journeyman in excavating, concrete, framing, doors, and windows, building custom cabinets and installs, electrical, plumbing, and have run various heavy equipment. I have built custom homes, spec homes, and commercial structures. I also have supervised on various projects building walls, movie theaters, schools, senior centers, and high-rise structures including Motel framing. I have also owned several companies and managed them myself taking pride in my quality of work. I now have the honor of working at performance Trailers, Inc. building custom trailers for Professional race teams, medical units, and Hollywood movie studio support trailers. My life motto is “be a job, big or small, do it right or not at all”.

Patrick Flannagan, Project Foreman / Special Projects Counsel

I have been with Performance Trailers, Inc for over 20 years. I was initially hired as a lead electrician and soon after displayed my talents and took the position of shop foreman. In 2017 I stepped back and took a position as a consultant, designer on special projects while working towards retirement. Before being employed at Performance Trailers, Inc I was General Manager for a utility type trailer manufacturing company for several years. I also spent several years in the winemaking industry performing all aspects of winemaking. Prior to that I owned and operated a plumbing and electrical business which did business for residential homes. Part of our business was building and installing custom swimming pools. My education consists of a high school diploma and an A.S. degree in mechanical engineering. I am very proficient in Electrical, Plumbing, Hydraulics, and fabrication as well as have a high mechanical aptitude.

Kent Gerhardt, Facility Manager

3rd generation in the Heavy equipment Truck / Trailer industry, spent summers running parts and doing odd jobs at 16 for Grandfathers Trailer Building business. High school graduate with 2 years of specialized Automotive classes at Reedley College. Five years as a Lead mechanic in the Indy Car race Series, 28 years experience in Specialty Truck / Trailer Manufacturing Business. Hobbies in spare time include working on Open Wheel race cars.

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