Partners In Crime

inside the hair and make up trailer
inside the hair and make up trailer
inside the hair and make up trailer
inside view of the hair and make up trailer

This Movie Studio Hair and Makeup trailer project ended up establishing a new standard for the industry, with state of the art efficient lighting, streamlined equipment maximizing space use and comfort, as well as delivering the most energy-efficient, fully loaded hair and makeup trailer available for the entertainment industry.

The trailer was built to support one of the critical aspects of the successful creation of motion pictures and TV programs: the on-location makeup and hair creations that end up in front of the cameras. The extensive lists of features requirements, for this ambitious trailer, were challenging; however, their precise implementations enabled us to demonstrate our engineering and design skills and allowed our team to design a uniquely advanced product that showed off our attractive design capabilities. We used state of the art fixtures with ergonomic, energy-efficient, and durability concerns throughout the construction. The last thing you want is for critical devices to stop working in the middle of a project.

The Movie Studio Hair and Makeup trailer is currently being used on The Orville TV series and will soon be used for various movies starring Seth McFarland and Mark Wahlberg. The state-of-the-art interior and self-contained capability enable the customer to fully operate the hair and makeup trailer in remote areas. Rumor has it that A-List movie stars have been asking for this trailer for their movie sets.

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