Driving Knowledge in Madera County’s BookMobile Ambulant Library Van

The BookMobile unit was built for The County Of Madera to service outlying (mountain) areas where low-income children do not have the opportunity to visit a brick and mortar library. The van is completely self-contained with AC, generator, full lighting, etc. It has fixed book racks as well as rolling portable racks that can be offloaded and taken into various classrooms or ?. It will be staffed with two personnel and it has the capability of WiFi for constant internet connection should they have laptops or iPads. More Details

Books On Wheels

For many around the country, it’s time to get back to learning! Recent studies show that libraries can provide a tenfold return in economic value to a given area. But what if the library came to you? That’s exactly what this bookmobile can do; outfitted by Performance Trailer Inc.

By utilizing custom CTech cabinets; they are able to optimize book shelving storage while also adding a small desk space and bulk storage. That’s knowledge on wheels!


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Monterey Wine Company’s New Mobile Bottling Trailer Near Completion

Eric Laumann, general manager for Monterey Wine Company in King City, California announced they are completing the final assembly of their new mobile bottling line.

With concerns about the county permitting process and overall construction costs for a traditional structure, they decided to build a mobile bottling trailer instead, but one that never leaves the winery. Referring to the line as a portable bottling “room,” Laumann added “we will keep the trailer on property and busy with our many private labels, negociants and local wineries that are willing to bring the wine to us.”  READ MORE…

abc Channel 30 “Made in the Valley” Segment
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