The Medical Trailer

The fully equipped medical trailer is designed to go to remote facilities and treat cancer patients. The machine that is housed inside is NEW technology that has been updated from the last ten years. The trailers can either go to existing clinics (medical facilities) that want to offer this treatment OR go to a facility that is outdated and needs to be updated to state-of-the-art cancer treatment equipment. It takes about 6 months to retrofit a facility with the new systems and the doctors do not want to lose the patient referrals when their existing facility is being upgraded so these mobile units come in and fill the void while the existing facility is being upgraded. The trailers can typically treat 22-28 patients per day. The trailer has a folding wheelchair lift as well and is fully self contained with HVAC, etc. Two medical technicians are required to fully operate the trailer. Performance Trailers was contracted to build two of these mobile medical units.

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