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Korbel logo


Korbel approached PTI to develop a trailer to transport (4) personal race cars. The company previously had to transport the four cars in three different vehicles to the same event. PTI worked with Korbel and designed the 53’ trailer to accommodate the four cars as well as have a parts storage area and drivers’ lounge for resting between events. The trailer incorporated special exterior smooth aluminum construction with specially fabricated polished stainless steel trim. A large generator with interior and exterior lighting also were added. The rear liftgate was able to offload the race cars which included a 260” dragster.

pelco logo


Performance Trailers, Inc. was approached by the number one video surveillance camera systems provider in the world. The task was to build three identical mobile display units. Prior to the units, Pelco would attend over 360 trade shows a year showcasing their products. PTI built the units to be fully self-contained and be able to travel anywhere in the US. The company would allow its 1200 distributors to use the vehicles as sales tools at public events as well as private sales calls to entity’s such as the Federal Government, private security firms, and military installations. The vehicles were instrumental in taking the company’s sales from $100 million a year to just over $500 million in just several short years. The company was later sold to Schneider Electric which is the largest consumer electronics supplier in the world.

vaz logo

Vaz Mobile Bottling

The Mobile Bottling Trailer was developed to do high volume bottling for Wine and Spirits for large scale clients. The Machinery and trailer are set up to quickly bottle beverages at a high rate of speed and efficiency with fewer people involved in the process. It is fully automated and includes a secondary Mobile trailer to house the support equipment which consists of a Nitrogen generator, Air compressor and 125kw Diesel generator with stand-alone fuel storage. The Bottling trailer was made so the sidewalls fold down allowing access to the massive machines which allow for component change out and easy cleaning and adjustability. The trailer is climate controlled as well as has soft sides that can be folded down in inclement weather to continue operations regardless of weather conditions.

Chipotle logo


Chipotle contracted PTI to build a full service mobile food service vehicle. The unit would be used at fairs, carnivals, and public gatherings. The objective of the vehicle was to introduce customers to the food line that may have otherwise not been exposed to it. The truck was an all-aluminum built one of a kind body outfitted with ovens, fryers, and all state-of-the-art food service equipment. At completion, the unit was slated to serve upwards of 275 meals per hour with a crew of five persons.

Honda logo

Honda Motor Company

PTI was approached by Honda Motor Company to specially paint a consumer event trailer they owned. The Performance Trailers paint department was given the task of airbrushing custom paint on the exterior of the trailer, including the interior side doors. Honda requested airbrush designs on the side with a single layer urethane finish so NO line separations were visible to the touch. The specialty project took 5 weeks and cost upwards of $38,000.

American Honda

PTI was approached to build a specialty truck for Honda to transport R&D race bikes as well as test models to venues. The truck needed to be able to transport several persons as well as self-sufficient due to it being transported to remote locations at times. The truck was outfitted with a 20’ body, generator, lighting, work areas, and be climate controlled. The company would transport as many as three bikes and could also be used for promotional purposes such as commercial shoots.

The Home Depot logo

Home Depot

Home Depot approached PTI to build (3) special purpose trailers in order to promote its growing store base. At the time of the trailers being built, Home Depot was opening a NEW store every 46 hours. The trailer was built to showcase three of Home Depot’s largest providers of tools and equipment. The trailers were segregated to an East Coast unit, West Coast unit, and Midwest unit. When the trailers were not servicing grand openings, they would attend NASCAR races, fairs, carnivals, etc., promoting the company’s products. Both Rigid Tool and Stanley Tools (the largest toolmaker in the US) were represented in these traveling roadshows. The trailers were completely self-contained and included a NASCAR show car used by Tony Stewart, then the company’s sponsored driver.

GoPro logo


Performance Trailers was approached by GoPro to develop TWO marketing vehicles for its new line of cameras. The company outfitted TWO specially constructed Freightliner Argosy cab-overs with interior client lounge meeting rooms, video editing rooms, and conference area. The exterior of the units were outfitted with awnings, several side mount videos, monitors, and graphics displays. The vehicles were used for professional motocross promotions, the X-Games, professional ski events, and all around company advertising. The two vehicles were instrumental in the company going public and making its founder a multi-millionaire.

Union Pacific logo

Union Pacific Railroad

UP approached PTI to build a custom classroom training trailer. The federal Government was developing NEW rules and regulations for Rail Way transport and part of the regulations were for Railroad companies to be responsible for training each employee. The company developed special simulators for the training purposes and needed a mobile trailer to house them in. PTI created a 46’ long trailer, completely self-contained with HVAC, generator power, lighting, as well as all training equipment for a classroom atmosphere. The trailer would be used to educate and certify the 27,000 employees that UP has over a five year period. The trailer as designed so that trainees could enter the trailer unattended to go through a 8-hour curriculum without having an attendant present.

Pegasus Pictures logo

Pegasus Movie Studio Rentals

PTI was commissioned to build a 53’ trailer for the Hollywood Movie studios. In particular, the trailer would be used for the next four seasons on “The Desperate Housewives” TV program. The trailer was completely self-contained with generator systems, special lighting for hair and make-up for up to 10 actors/actresses at a time. The trailer has TWO 20’ long pop-out expandable rooms with storage for make-up, wigs, and hair care products. The trailer as designed to travel within Universal Studios and go from fix building studio to Wisteria Lane for housing for various shoots. After the show was cancelled, the trailer has been used for various movies such as all the “Fast and Furious” movies as well as many Adam Sandler movies like “Happy Gilmore” and the remake of “The Longest Yard.”

Monterey Wine Company logo

Monterey Wine Company

PTI was asked to construct a Mobile Wine Bottling trailer to service the four wineries the company-owned. The team constructed a 53’ long trailer with fold-down platform sides in order to facilitate the loading / off-loading of wine bottles during the bottling process. The bottling equipment was specially ordered from Italy and outfitted inside the trailer. At the time of build, the bottling capacity of the trailer was 1200 bottles per hour. The trailer was complete with fluid lines running into and out of the trailer as well as 200 amp electrical power, including all safeties per OSHA’s requirements. All work was performed at PTI for a fully operational bottling system at the time of completion.

DSM Surgical logo

DSM Surgical

Performance Trailers was approached by a couple of doctors to develop a medical procedure vehicle that could travel to remote areas and be parked for periods of time to provide medical services to low income people. The vehicle was used to travel to remote Indian Reservations and provide free medical procedures to low income families that could not travel to conventional facilities. The truck was built from scratch and had four expandable rooms with a patient receiving area and restroom facilities. The large surgical room was outfitted to be able to perform medical procedures just like a stationary hospital. The truck had an on-board generator, water storage tanks, as well as back-up battery power, and was totally self-sufficient. The truck was used for several years and then resold to a Veterinarian and it’s used to do medical procedures on large animals such as Great Dane and German Shephard dog breeds.

screenworks logo


PTI was approached by SCREENWORKS to develop a mobile video screen transport trailer that could travel to venues and large sporting events. The screens were used to project the event image through the venue so all attendees could see the action. Prior to the trailer being build, there was no such vehicle and the only screens existing were stationary mounted at colleges and major sports stadiums. The trailers were to accommodate a large LED video screen that measured 20’ in height by 22’ wide, yet still be able to be transported into a trailer to travel legally down the road. The screen system alone had a value of over $1 million. PTI designed the screens to elevate from the trailer some 16’ above the trailer roofline which was already a 14’ in height. The screen / mast system was able to rotate 360 degrees to give a full view depending on what event the trailer was at. The trailer also had a 100kw diesel generator as well as fuel storage and all electrical with a control room for a self-sufficient operation. PTI produce TWO of these units and they are currently being used at NASCAR events as well as large sports venues.

TDM logo

TDM Motorsport

This was a professional motor sports race team that was founded by a telecom industry entrepreneur. After selling his company, the owner decided to turn his hobby of racing into a full time competitive effort. PTI was commissioned to build TWO matching units which included Sterling Trucks. The 53’ long transporters were built with the most modern materials and incorporated a lounge for day use as well as living quarters for the family to stay at venues. The trucks were special order from FORD and were so nice they ended up on Ford’s truck calendars for the following year. The exterior of the trailers incorporated special hand built polished stainless steel accents as well as PTI awning systems that encompassed over 5000 square feet of area.

DYE logo

Dye Precision Paintball

PTI built a specialty transport trailer to showcase the company’s paintball products. Dye was a worldwide leader in the sport of Paintball competition. They produced everything from the guns and clothing used in professional and amateur paintball competition. The trailer was used at completion events, trade shows, and company events. It was outfitted with a complete workshop and vending area for the companies products.

9 Racing logo

Nine Racing Inc.

Steve Lewis, the team’s owner, approached PTI to build a specialty transport race team vehicle to haul the team’s race cars, pit equipment, and crew to and from events. PTI specialty built a one-of-a-kind Peterbuilt truck with a 120” sleeper completely self-contained. PTI set the truck industry on its ear because that was the first model 387 to be stretched and outfitted in such a way. The trailer was a 56’ long state-of-the-art race team transport that could transport up to four cars and stay on the racing circuit for extended amounts of time. The interior work shop was made portable so the equipment could be transported closer to where the team was working. Combined length of the truck and trailer as over 83 feet long.

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