VAZ Mobile Bottling Trailer

The Mobile Bottling Trailer was developed to do high volume bottling for Wine and Spirits for large scale clients. The Machinery and trailer are set up to quickly bottle beverages at a high rate of speed and efficiency with fewer people involved in the process. It is fully automated and includes a secondary Mobile trailer to house the support equipment which consists of a Nitrogen generator, Air compressor and 125kw Diesel generator with stand-alone fuel storage. The Bottling trailer was made so the sidewalls fold down allowing access to the massive machines which allow for component change out and easy cleaning and adjustability. The trailer is climate controlled as well as has soft sides that can be folded down in inclement weather to continue operations regardless of weather conditions.  During the bottling process, the empty bottles will be fed at the rear of the trailer and be cleaned, filled, capped and labeled along a continuous assembly line which exits out the rear of the trailer. The bottles are then boxed for storage or shipped off to the retailer. Once the bottling is done the trailer is cleaned including all machines for the next job. The machines have the interchangeability to accommodate many bottle configurations as well as the ability to speed up or slow down the line depending on the amount of manpower available.

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